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Single “Shadow” off of "This Is For You EPpremiered by Earmilk! Read full article here:

New EP “This is For You” releases May 9​

Available on iTunes and Spotify!

Huffington Post premieres Monti's debut single, "Echo." Read the full article here:

Watch the inspiring video here:

Monti's  second single, "Cowards Castle," premiered by Kings of A&R. 

Watch official video here:


Monti is the brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lauren Silva “Monti”. Formed in 2014, Monti’s music empowers the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships. Born into an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism, Monti was a runaway who dodged foster care systems living off and on the streets, escaping a life of gangs, mental hospitals, group homes, and drug and alcohol abuse. Her turbulent past is brilliantly conveyed in her debut EP entitled "This Is For You; a mix of moody synth electro pop anthems with dynamic jazzy songs produced and co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game) and Mario Marchetti (Ryan Tedder, Demi Lovato, Jojo)


The first track Echo features co-writer/producer Josh Stevens and  the Hope Generations Youth Choir with moody synths and electro pop, empowering the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships.  

The second track Cowards Castle, also produced by and co-written by Josh Stevens (Calvin Harris, LMFAO), features haunting vocals, deep synths and indie electronic beats reflecting upon Monti’s own experience with a co-dependent relationship and the devastating effect it had on her. .”

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