Monti is the brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lauren Silva “Monti”. Formed in 2014, Monti’s music empowers the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships. Born into an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism, Monti was a runaway who dodged foster care systems living off and on the streets, escaping a life of gangs, mental hospitals, group homes, and drug and alcohol abuse. Her turbulent past is brilliantly conveyed in her debut EP entitled "This Is For You; a mix of moody synth electro pop anthems with dynamic jazzy songs produced and co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game) and Mario Marchetti (Ryan Tedder, Demi Lovato, Jojo)


Single “Shadow” off of "This Is For You EPpremiered by Earmilk! Read full article here:

New EP “This is For You” releases May 9​

Available on iTunes and Spotify!

Huffington Post premieres Monti's debut single, "Echo." Read the full article here:

Watch the inspiring video here:

Monti's  second single, "Cowards Castle," premiered by Kings of A&R. 

Watch official video here:


The first track Echo features co-writer/producer Josh Stevens and  the Hope Generations Youth Choir with moody synths and electro pop, empowering the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships.  

The second track Cowards Castle, also produced by and co-written by Josh Stevens (Calvin Harris, LMFAO), features haunting vocals, deep synths and indie electronic beats reflecting upon Monti’s own experience with a co-dependent relationship and the devastating effect it had on her. .”

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